Every month we profile a Lamborghini owner to reveal their unique passion for the brand and give the Bollettino community a glimpse into their every-day life.

This month we interview Canadian Lamborghini owner Robbie Dickson, who recently joined his fellow Lamborghini enthusiasts in Colorado for Giro in June and is looking forward to more driving excitement this fall.

Lamborghini Bollettino: What model/year Lamborghini vehicle do you own?
Robbie Dickson: An Aventador LP 700-4 in Arancio Argos

LB: Do you have any other vehicles in your collection?
RD: Yes, a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder in Chrome (yes, the whole car is chrome), Spyker C8 Spyder, Bentley Continental GTC, Lotus Elise, Audi R8, Range Rover HSE and a 1958 Corvette Stingray

LB: If you had to pick one car to drive for the rest of your life, which would it be?
RD: The Aventador…without a doubt! It’s the easiest supercar I’ve ever driven, but when you want it to unleash the beast within, it’s only one button away.

LB: What first attracted you to the Lamborghini brand?
RD: I remember at age 10, I watched a movie, "The Cannonball Run" starring a then-ultra-cool Burt Reynolds and a couple of hot girls driving a Lamborghini Countach. It set the tone for how outrageous and flamboyant a supercar had to be and each model that followed never disappointed. I believe that the Countach is the car that made Lamborghini the success it is today, because it hooked so many of today’s customers into the brand at such a young age.

LB: For you, what makes a Lamborghini vehicle, and the brand, unique?
RD: I believe a car is an extension of our personalities, so Lamborghini hits the spot for me. I am a fairly quiet, reserved, under-the-radar screen sort of guy—but in my head, I am a loudmouthed reckless yobbo that gets my kicks from driving a 700 hp spaceship that’ll chew me up and spit me to the curb if I don’t “pipe down.” The Lamborghini brand allows me to wear my personality on the outside and there’s really no other way I can do that…unless I want to dress like Lady Gaga!

LB: What are your favorite things about your Lamborghini?
RD: My favorite thing about Lamboghini is the uniqueness of the brand and exclusiveness. I enjoy how we get to spend time with the executives, including the CEO and President every year on the Giro. This tells me that Lamborghini really cares about its customers and wants to spend time with them. Would I ever get to have dinner with the CEO of Ferrari on a Ferrari event? Not a chance in hell. You see, owning a Lamborghini means you’re one of the family, and I have found all of the employees at Lamborghini to be an absolute pleasure to meet.

LB: What differences do you notice driving your Lamborghini vs. other luxury or supercars?
RD: Picture this…I’m at the light waiting for the green; the car next to me is some mean-looking geezer giving me the gears while I’m sat in a 325-lb carbon fiber monocoque with 700hp at my disposal through a 7-speed Independent Shifting Rod (ISR) transmission. I enter thrust mode and give it some gas, which really upsets the mean looking dude next to me.

The light turns green and I accelerate to 60mph in 2.8 seconds with the Corsa mode trying to rip my head off. When I shift gears in a staggering 50 milliseconds, I approach 100 mph in about 5 seconds and decide to lift-off a little when I notice the mean bloke behind me decides to put on his lights and give me a ticket for being an ass….. It was well worth it!

The point is no other supercar gives me this level of satisfaction on so many levels. I can look good turning up at the local restaurant in style, but when I feel the need, I can behave like a total lunatic to get my fix for that 10-year old boy within (that is) behaving very badly.

LB: What advice would you pass on to someone looking to buy his or her first Lamborghini?
RD: I get frustrated at people who hesitate to buy a Lamborghini. I’ve never met a single person who regretted it and I never expect to. I get quite excited for people who buy their first because I remember that feeling myself, it’s like a boyhood dream come true. It’s a moment you never forget because you’ve been dreaming about it since you were 10 years old. I spent two decades wondering and imagining what it was like, and so for me, the very first time was very special, I didn’t even test drive or sit in my first Lambo until I bought it because I wanted the first time I ever sat in any Lambo to be in my own Lambo. It’s a special moment that cannot be compared to anything, not even the birth of your first child...ok, no one forward this to my first child, please.

LB: How did you find your Lamborghini dealer, and what was your experience like?
RD: My local dealer is Lamborghini Vancouver in Canada. I am one of the family there. They think I have a bit of a problem as I have bought so many cars from them – not just Lamboghini vehicles, but they also knew how special ordering the Aventador was for me. You see, when I was 10 years old, not only did I promise myself that I would one day own a Lamborghini, but I also promised myself that my very first-ever, brand-new, factory-ordered car would be a Lamborghini and that I would pay cash for it.

So, every other car I have ever owned, which is hundreds, was always slightly-used – deliberately because I was holding off. I also wanted to have the first model too, which as you know with Lamboghini is a 10-year cycle, so I had quite a long wait ahead of me.

The Aventador was going to be my first-ever, brand-new car. Asgar Weissach, Owner of Lamboghini Vancouver, said I could have the first one and also sent me to the factory to watch it being built. This dream-come-true event for me exceeded my expectations, and so you can only imagine how I felt when the car arrived – it was the most monumental moment of my life…again, don’t tell my kids!

LB: How often do you drive your Lamborghini? Do you have a favorite spot or road to drive?
RD: I drive mine every day. My Gallardo has about 45,000 miles on it and my Aventador has about 15,000 miles. It is only eight months old and my office is only three miles away.

I drive them in all conditions and take any opportunity to get them out on the road. For me, driving through the Rockies in Alberta or the Cascade loop in Washington State in the U.S., are my two local driving spots that I enjoy. Of course, getting them on the track, which I do frequently, is the ultimate opportunity to unleash the beast within.

LB: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done in your Lamborghini?
RD: I’d rather not answer that question.

LB: What kind of automotive events do you attend?
RD: I LIVE for car events! I’ve done four Giro events now, the Cannonball run in Europe and Race the Bace in Alberta. I also host the Canadian Bullrun Rally and I do as many other smaller local drives and rallies as possible. Next year’s 50th Anniversary Giro in Italy will be the trip of a lifetime for me; I’ll be there for sure.

LB: What makes you feel like part of the Lamborghini family?
RD: My local dealer has sent me on some amazing Lamborghini events, from being the first to see the Aventador before it went public, to being part of the focus group for the new Lamborghini Urus in New York. When Asgar offers for me to go on events like this, you know you're part of the family and a part of something very special.

LB: If you don’t mind sharing, what is your “day job”?
RD: I’m an Engineer by trade and have a couple of businesses of my own that were built around technology I invented. I’m also an angel investor. I invest in young, start-up companies that need financing and sometimes help in taking their next big idea to the next level. I’ve mostly worked in the automotive industry, with a focus on fuel systems, clean energy and automation where possible.

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